Sarasota, FL — ATTN ALL PARENTS: I would like to bring it to your attention that our finances as of last Dec 1, 2021 were $108k. I’m sure this shocks you , as it shocked me. As of now we allegedly have $112 K in some type of private business account because banks shut down tax exempt organizations once they lose tax exempt status. WE HV NOT HAD TAX EXEMPTION FOR THE PAST, 3 YEARS (at least). ANYTHING YOU HV WRITTEN OFF TO BOOSTERS HAS BEEN FRAUDULENT! I am finally blowing a whistle that should hv been blown awhile ago. I had suspicions because I hv been asking to see the bank account and denied and denied and denied. As a 501 c organization we are required absolute transparency in all financial and business transactions. I hv been denied. We have not had a single meeting during this season. We hv never had a budget meeting. I discovered that I was correct in this problem after begging and begging to pay for chartered buses for our kids, when the school refused. Considering we have this amount of money we should cover this if the school does not. It is completely unfair and quite honestly embarrassing to these athletes who worked their hearts , minds, and bodies out for RHS. Our President of 2022/23 denied me at every request since last fall. I asked that each of you look at the number of $108k of Dec 12, 2021 and explain to me (per our current Pres, but I am not allowed to see our funds, even though I am on the board)…. how we now as of Feb 2023 (1.5 seasons later only hv a net gain of 4.K w 112K? This is what we have raised since Dec 2021-22?? From 108K to 112K Let me explain our profits: 20-22 AND 21-22 Fall Fundraisers ??? Never seen, but I know my sons alone raised a lot , many others did as well. So fill in your own number Fall Fundraiser/ Last treasure was in charge of all finances (NOT THE PRESIDENT), so I’m unclear on the number, but look at this year. I know it was definitely in the thousand both years 2022-23 Fall Boys Fundraiser Boys 14 ,000+ 2022-23 Girls Fundraiser Unclear 4 JV tournaments/ OUR BIGGEST FUNDRAISER , never been able to see record 2022-23 Concessioms $7800 2021-22 Unknown 2020-21 Unclear but I was not on board 2021-Concession Fee to parents (which we should not be charging) $12K (based on fall 21-22 figures of $8,900). We added $50 to concession fee for parents. Most do not get their money back We hv other donations that come in as well, and I’m sure I’ve left things out. Our expenses, as I’ve been told Coach Stroop once said, are very small. We buy uniforms, but then we charge for them. We pay the assistant coaches very little. We paid $5,000 for Playmaker when we got our refund back. We buy minimal bits and pieces of equipment. I have no idea the expense on the banquet because I’ve never been allowed to see that either. But you as parents have more than paid for that. Even still, it is only $3,200, and that’s if we actually paid for 80, which we don’t have. I hv begged to pay, AT LEAST for senior parents, DENIED. I could not even get the 2022-23 President to approve flowers for the child of a RHS teacher who committed suicide. I said it would give great comfort to the family for the soccer team to recognize him. Many kids on the squad were friends of him. The President told me we weren’t responsible for things like that. I was asked to vote on Varsity players the President didn’t think should be playing based on ridiculous financial issues that 112K could not fix, (nor were the kids responsible for this, for the record) and to my horror addressed the poor kids, b4 District game in Naples. Can you imagine the humiliation??? Booster club should have absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!! 20-21 Sponsorships, unclear but my husband and I paid $1800 for nothing in exchange with 2 seasons : Again the same treasurer as 21-22 was in charge and now President , but still in control of finances. We had multiple sponsors during those seasons who have no idea we ripped them off. I brought this up, as I knew we got nothing. At the time I didn’t know we weren’t tax exempt, but I knew we did not do anything with their money I said this was a tax problem. in the preseason fall meeting. 21-22. I was ignored. I say all of this for only 1 reason….. THE KIDS! They have been wronged being neglected the money that is theirs You as families, players, and coaches have been cheated out of what is yours and the extras or bonuses you deserve. Boosters are here to support, uplift, encourage, provide, and give opportunities. We should provide scholarships, camps, better equipment, tee shirts, have you pick AND KEEP uniforms, practice shirts, sweats for everyone, special things to do after the season to honor and celebrate you guys…… separate from the banquet. We don’t need to charge so much and alienate families who might not try out because they can’t afford what has become an expensive program….. And we certainly don’t need to be charging parents to work in the concession stand ……… ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE NOT A TAX EXEMPT 501 ORGANIZATION, unless the status has changed since the President paid $600 to the IRS last Saturday. I voted against this $ being spent because AGAIN, I WANT TO SEE THE TAX FORM SHE IS SUBMITTING OR WHERE AND WHY WE ARE PAYING $600! I will NOT be at Mondays’s meeting to be hit by a firing squad. I am speaking the truth. I hv emails to back up inconsistencies, as well as anyone prior to treasurer in 2020 getting thrown under the bus for “dropping the ball” on our taxes. Just remember again. An organization can NOT hv a 501 tax exempt bank account once it loses this status. I am asking for a meeting at Wells Fargo to see how $108K has turned into $112 k in 2 seasons ……,And why exactly we have all that money to begin with without telling the parents or the IRS. I am secretary and took notes with our monthly meetings last soccer season , Fall 2021-22. Everything was most DEFINITELY run above board as far as last year’s President knew. I feel certain, without a doubt. It was not her position to question the $, as we all assumed it was being handled correctly. She was too busy making sure everything else ran smoothly; and she did an excellent job. I thank her for that. She holds NO responsibility in my questions. I have told you what I know. I am not accusing anyone. I just ask that others would ask to see the bank account as well…. NOT A PRINT OUT , that is taking 3 people to work on. The bank should hit click and give you the last 3 years. Again, I hv emails confirming our tax status, and the shifting of stories. I will be stepping down AFTER this is cleared up. Much more fun sitting in the stands at ALL 😂 the boy JV, and V, than fighting alone . Also please note the general volunteers are not included in ANY of this . Thank you to Tara, Amber, so many of you who hv worked so, so hard this year! This is an unelected board issue. Ferrell Marrs Secretary