Good Morning Vegas Strong Fam,
Hope everyone had a great start this new year!! We are about 3 weeks away from our End of Season Gala and we just want to send out a few reminders.

The last day to RSVP and pay for this event is on January 22nd as the banquet hall needs the final head count for food. (FYI - The menu will be finalized next weekend)

You may leave your RSVP below in the comments if you haven't done so already on the original event invite. It is not necessary to comment if you paid team fee or participated in the Bingo as we have a list for both!!

We apologize if there's any confusion with the price to attend the banquet. The Bingo fundraiser was the ONLY fundraiser we did as a camp. The fundraiser unfortunately does not cover family members. As mentioned in your child's Player agreement packets the $50 Banquet fee was included with your child's $200 Team fee. The fundraiser was another opportunity for those who did not pay their banquet fee's to raise funds for the season and banquet so if you participated in the Bingo fundraiser your child is also exempt from paying the banquet fee. If you did both YOU ARE AMAZING & WE THANK YOU!! If your child did not pay the Team fee in full, or participate in the Bingo fundraiser you're still amazing but you'll need to pay for your child to attend. Hope this clears up any confusion!! In a perfect world there would be no fees, no misunderstandings and we'd all play golf.

Love your neighbors and God bless you! Alooooooooha

Price is as follows:

$50 - PLAYER Banquet Fee (waived If your child paid the full $200 Team fee or participated in the Bingo Fundraiser)

$25 - PER PERSON (4yrs and under is free)
Family and Friends

$25 - PER PLAYER who do not wish to attend but would like their gift. (waived if your child paid the full $200 Team fee or participated in the Bingo Fundraiser)

$36 - One time fee per person who will be attending both events.

🚨RSVP no later than January 22nd 🚨

Please make your payments via Venmo to:
Vegas Strong Youth Football
(Please include Players Name and Division)

Please contact me directly or Coach Phil with any questions or concerns and we'll be happy to address them!