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GPP Black 51, REAL 17u boys 45
Grand rapids, MI — Not our best showing, rushed ourselves into quick shots, they made shots early and stalled, had to play from behind and try to get the ball back. Couldn't get it...
REAL 17u boys 51, Moneyball East 29
Grand rapids, MI — We really made it tough to score in game 3, Evan, Justin, and JT were blocking everything. Every guy scored, led by Christian & Evan. James with a ton of rebounds.
REAL 17u boys 61, Truth Sports 37
Grand rapids, MI — Evan got us off to a great start dominating inside and the guys never looked back, Evan judge locking up and setting up teammates. Kai went on a scoring run of la...
Wm Lakers blast 44, REAL 17u boys 43
Grand rapids, MI — A good back and forth game, down by 7 with 6 minutes left, cut it to 1 and had a chance to win but came up short, all in all boys played well. Bond with 4 triples