Playa Del Rey, CA — Score lines are not the main indicator of a new Team playing pre season soccer matches , right now its about gaining Soccer Fitness both with the Feet and the Game Brain along with seeing team camaraderie , bonding and the knowledge that every player has every ones back through thick and thin . Lady Vikings are no "blame gamers" , no "finger pointers" no "excuse makers" Lady Vikings are all about giving the best they can and in the past first four games there is no doubt in my mind that every player is raising their Performance ,both individually and as a Team and that reflects in the fact that they are giving any opposition that they play a "Proper Game" . Along with the individual performances it is beautiful to watch the growing chemistry between players , the combination plays are growing in number , the attacking intent is now being combined with runs off the ball with more goal scoring opportunities being made and there is no clearer picture of the chemistry than in how the back four defenders work together and have recorded in the games so far , over twenty plus "offside " calls for them, meaning a team who was breaking forward, because of the discipline showed , goal scoring opportunities were stopped before they could even begin !! In my Book That is Outstanding ! Keep these incredible Performances Going Lady Vikings ! We Go Again , Tomorrow Coach Gary