Game MVP

Zoë Williams
#2 CM, CFW
Saint Bernard Girls Varsity Soccer


I do not think there are many attacking mids as quick as Zoe ! and the fact she keeps the ball under control while twisting and turning is a joy to watch and must be a nightmare for opposition players to defend against . These incredible attacking bursts Zoe provides in every game are making the opposition sit and stay deep in their own half which helps the Lady Vikings game Plan so well . The team prospers with both shots on goal and good creative moments, well done Zoe !!

Oliyah Newell
Oliyah has shown continued improvement every game ,today not only in her defensive closing down but in her passing and tackling there was confidence and tenacity in everything she tried . The team is always stronger when Oliyah suits up and joins her teammates out on the field . I have been so impressed by Oliyah's willingness to learn and the fact she has been thrown in to full games with never a break is quite incredible !!
#15 OM
Kierra Lambeth
Kiki is an amazing leader , her vocal calls have made the Lady Vikings defense one of the most well organized I have ever come across and when ever that defensive line is broken any opposition best player who has burst forward have never gotten the better of Kiki in one on one situations ! and today to top it off, what a wonderful follow up off of her own PK strike to help get the Lady Vikings on the score board . Another Outstanding display Kiki !!
#17 S