Santa Clarita, CA — 1st half Great goal by Lincoln! Within the first three minutes of our game, our team was on opponents 30 yard marker. Oshone delivers a pass to Colby who in turn sees Lincoln open midfield on the 30 yard line. Lincoln received the ball from Colby and sets up smashing goal just inches above Keepers finger tips. Excellent team work. 2nd half Less then 10 minutes remaining in the second half, GV forward managed to push through our 5 & 4 positions to score and even up the match 1-1. After watching the clip, the Ref had a perfect view of the goal and will have to agree with his call that GV was not offside. Nevertheless, Saugus played well considering we had three subs. Of which kudos to Andrew, Sergio and Nathan for their contributions. Great work to you and the entire team. Final score 1-1.