Game MVP


Xavier's running style seems to have opposing teams in fear and confused. If they load the box, we go over the top. If they play regular, X runs through them like hot knife on butter. Pick your poison, this is what Xavier's running does to defenders.

Sam Bair
Sam's toughness brings the team together. As he says all the time, "I'm the smallest on the team", yet he is the toughest. That toughness came into play as he had a long TD run to score our 2nd score. Sam also scored on a 2 point conversation, and defended a pass play that he should have picked off for a pick 6.
Audai Neves
Audai's length continues to be a problem for teams. On the pass, he's got great hands and dominate size to go over defenders. On the Defense, he brings the same threat, rushing the pass making the QB's job hard to get a pass over his length and as a DB. He had 1 pass knock down and 1 INT.
Nattaf Levi
Nattaf continues to lead our team. His accurate ball placement puts each of his weapons in a position to score and score big. Again, he had a tremendous connection with Audai on yet another deep TD pass.