Game MVP

Liam Hines
Patriots 2nd - 4th Grade


Liam is without question the most improved player on our team. Liam gives all his effort to learn the game and apply that to the field. And next season Liam vows to take his brother down!!!!

Gavin Perette
Gavin caught 4 passes which includes 2 receptions for touchdowns. One year ago Gavin suffered a broken leg through an injury of no fault of his own. Gavin bravely fought back and became one of the most important players on Patriots this season. Gavin is the the heart and soul of our TEAM!!
Cam Harrington
Cam tossed 2 touchdown passes, caught a touchdown pass, and made an interception to secure a win pushing the Patriots into the championship game. Cam demonstrates weekly why he and Cooper Littlewood are leaders on the on the Patriots. Win or lose, a Champion!!
Ethan Nichols
Ethan has proved to be a reliable red zone target. His size and speed make him very difficult to cover near the goal line. Also his dad makes a remarkable football americano coach!!!
Benjamin Ricciardi
Ben has progressed to be one of the most fast and dynamic players in the league. Ben can take a basic run play and changed it in to a game changing touchdown..
Dylan Willis
Dylan has so many skills from his running to passing to throwing its amazing. Dylan is one of the most improved players on the Patriots and will undoubtedly become one of the great players in this leagues over the next couple seasons.