Oceanside, CA — Final Score: 8-7 OHS Period 1: Fallbrook Warrior R. Cambell went head to head against Oceanside Pirate Nic Nance in the first sprint of the game. The Warriors won the sprint and had the first opportunity on offense. JV Pirates came out strong against the Fallbrook Warriors scoring the first goal of the game within two minutes of the start. Freshman, Ben Gysler, kicked off the scoring for the Pirates with a goal at 4:07, the first of his high school career. After that first goal, the Pirates and Warriors battled up and down the pool, both defensively strong, with no goal being scored by either team for over 3 minutes! Finally, with :30 seconds left in the quarter Warrior J. Lane put one on the board for Fallbrook, finishing the quarter 1-1. Period2: Kicking off the second quarter, Warrior R.Campbell won his second sprint of the game against Pirate John Di Mento, giving the Warriors the first offensive possession of the quarter. R. Cambell went on to score for the Warriors in that possession taking Fallbrook 2-1 over Oceanside. JV Pirates were quick to respond and tie it up 2-2 with a goal by Freshman, Sonny Witholt, on their next offensive possession. Fallbrook Warriors went on to score the next two goals, giving them a lead over the Pirates 4-2. With an exclusion against the Warriors at 3:04, Pirates had a man up opportunity to close the gap. Though they tried, Pirates were unable to convert that man up opportunity into a point. The remainder of the quarter was a hard fought defensive battle, with no additional goals being scored. At the half, Warriors were in the lead 4-2. Period 3: Moving into the second half of the game, down by 2, Pirate Nic Nance was again sprinting for Oceanside. Winning the first sprint of his high school career, Freshman Nic Nance secured the first offensive possession for the Pirates. Oceanside Sophomore, Riley Straka, came in hot, scoring the first goal of the quarter, bringing the Pirates within 1. At 5:17, good defense led to another opportunity on goal for the Pirates. Ben Gysler put another point on the board for the Pirates tying it up 4-4. On their next offensive possession, Pirates found themselves in another man up opportunity, this time converting the opportunity into a point! With a penalty against the Warriors earned by Ben Gysler at 4:42, Pirate Maverick Billings put a point on the board for Oceanside, bringing the score to 4-5 (Pirates). With another quick goal, Nic Nance widened the gap scoring for the Pirates at 4:11. With a 2 point lead, the Warriors fought hard and scored the final two goals of the quarter bringing the score to another tie 6-6. Period 4: With the score tied 6-6, both teams were hungry for the win. In a 4th quarter matchup, R.Cambell sprinting for Fallbrook, Nic Nance sprinting for the Pirates, Nic Nance came away with the win giving Pirate the first opportunity on offense. Early in the quarter Pirates had a man up opportunity that they didn't convert to a point. Heading to defense, Pirates found themselves in poor position and had a penalty called against them. Freshman goalie, Kaleb Dorse, went one on one with a Fallbrook Warrior and blocked the penalty shot keeping the score tied 6-6. The remainder of the quarter was back and forth between the two teams, both fighting hard on defense. With 1:22 left in the quarter, Riley Straka put another goal on the board for the Pirates. With only :11 seconds left in the game and a one goal lead, poor body positioning led to an exclusion against the Pirates. Fallbrook regrouped with a time out and was able to put a final point on the board with :4 seconds to go. At the buzzer the score was again tied 7-7. On to sudden death... Sudden Death: Lining up for the sudden death overtime, the energy from the deck and adrenaline in the pool fueled both teams. Varsity teammates watched from the water sideline, fans cheering on both sides, an amazing atmosphere and experience for everyone involved. The whistle blows and off they go! Matched up again, Nance for the Pirates and Cambell for the Warriors, the sprint is close. Warriors have the first opportunity to win the game, but Pirates deny them the goal. With the game clock at 4:22, Pirates earn an ejection giving them a man up advantage. Pirates set up their 6 on 5 offense and look to put one away for the win. Freshman, John Di Mento, moves into open water and secures the win for the Pirates scoring the first goal of his high school career . Pirates Win 8-7.