Oceanside, CA — Score: OHS 10-Hilltop 7 Period 1: The Pirates approached this game with the intention of making defense the priority and securing the win. After seasons of back and forth wins with Hilltop the Pirates were hungry for the home W. Pirate Jack Fritz-Hooper matched up against Hilltop's L. Romero for the first sprint of the game. Jack secured the first offensive possession for the Pirates taking the first opportunity to score. Showing great control in the first possession of the game, Pirates used the entire 30 second possession to feel out and read the Hilltop defense. Moving into defense, the Pirates gave up a quick goal from Hilltop's A. Garces, giving them the first point on the board. Both teams played good defense on the following two possessions, but at 5:04 Pirate Freshman, Colin DuBois scored bringing us up 1-1. Within the first 10 seconds of Hilltop's offense, A. Garces put another ball in the cage to go up 2-1. This goal would be answered by a strong Pirate defense for the remainder of the quarter and two additional goals for the Pirates. At 3:51, Pirate Coen Buchanan scored for OHS tieing up the game 2-2. With two minutes of play passing, Freshman Pirate Tosh Francis put his first goal of the game on the board, Pirates are up 3-2. With 5 second left in the quarter, poor defensive positioning leaves the Pirates in a man down situation. With a stellar block by Will Kreissig, Hilltop is unable to score and the Pirates retain control and end the quarter 3-2. Period 2: With only two goals scored in the second period, the Pirates were grateful to be in good swimming shape (they thanked their Coach for all the conditioning in practice...JUST KIDDING!). With another sprint won by Pirate Jack Fritz-Hooper, Pirates had control of the first possession. Within that first offense, Pirates had a quick man up opportunity. Unable to convert the opportunity into a point, Pirates shifted back to defense. Pirate Blake Munoz scored back to back points for the pirates with one at 6:35, and another at 2:48. These two goals widened the gap for the Pirates as they finished the half up by 3 with a score of 5-2. Period 3: Pirate Jack Fritz-Hooper came away with another sprint to kick off the third quarter, giving the Pirates a chance at goal. Unable to score, Pirates transitioned to defense and faced a quick exclusion. Pirates were able to deny a goal in the man down scenario and went on to score on their next offensive possession. Jack Firtz-Hooper scored his first goal as a Pirate bringing the score up 6-2. After 3 minutes of play the Pirates found themselves in another man up (6 on 5) situation. Pirate Blake Munoz puts another point on the board for OHS with a goal at 2:35. Hilltop answered that point by quickly putting another point on the board with a goal from A. Garces, his 3rd of the game. With an exclusion against the Pirates at 1:32, A. Garces would score for Hilltop again at 1:23, bringing the score up 4-7. In the next possession for the Pirates, Evan Bennett wanted in on the action and scored a quick goal for OHS at 1:00. With Pirates in another man down situation with 37 seconds to go, A. Garces went on to score his 5th goal of the game for Hilltop. The quarter ends with a score of 5-8. Period 4: Moving into the 4th quarter, Pirate Jack Fritz-Hooper secures his 4th sprint win of the game. After almost two minutes of back and forth, strong defense, and some missed opportunities on offense by both teams, Hilltop #12, L. Romero puts a point on the board at 5:20. Pirates answer that goal quickly by earning an exclusion to go man up at 5:10. Showing good control and patience, Pirates pass to Blake Munoz and he sinks another goal, 6-9. One minute later, the Pirates are a man down and facing a 6 on 5 opportunity for Hilltop. Pirate defense denies the goal and transitions to offense. Pirate Blake Munoz puts another point on the board for OHS at 2:40, the last Pirate goal of the game. With less than 30 seconds left, Hilltop starter, A. Garces wants another point on the board. Scoring the final goal of the game, A. Garces puts one in. Final score 7-10 Pirates.