Oceanside, CA — Varsity Game Recap: Final Score: 12-9 Pirates Period 1: Oceanside Pirates came out strong against High Tech High Storm. Blake Munoz lined up for the Pirates sprinting against Storm’s M. Mori. With the Pirates controlling the first possession of the game, Coen Buchanan put the first point on the board. Within the next minute Oceanside went on to put two more points on the board with goals from Blake Munoz and Tosh Francis. Caught in a poor defensive position, Terrin Ing found himself excluded giving Storm a man up opportunity against the Pirates. M. Mori was able to convert this opportunity into a point with a goal at 4:20. In the next minute, poor defensive positioning led to another man up opportunity for High Tech High. The Pirates played solid defense, denying a goal to High Tech on this opportunity. In the final two minutes of the game the Pirates went on to score two more goals, one from Terrin Ing, and the other from Colin DuBois. 1-5 Pirates Period 2: Pirate Blake Munoz lined up to sprint against Storm’s O. Frattini Edwards to kick off the second quarter. Though the Pirates controlled the ball after the sprint, they were unable to score in the first possession. Within the first two minutes of the second quarter, the Pirates found themselves in a man down situation and had a penalty against them. High Tech High was unable to score in the 6 on 5, but followed quickly with a penalty shot goal from L. Strocco at 4:41. With almost two minutes going by before another goal was scored, High Tech put another point on the board with a goal from M. Mori at 2:52 to bring the score 3-5. The Pirates answered back with two quick goals from Blake Munoz at 2:52 and 2:36. A penalty against High Tech’s D. Habib meant another shot on goal for the Pirates. Colin DuBois sank the goal to bring the score 3-8. The Pirates went on to score the last two points of the quarter. One point coming from Colin DuBois and the other from Tosh Francis. Pirates end the quarter up by 7. Period 3: Lining up to sprint in the second half was Terrin Ing for the Pirates and M. Mori for Storm. High Tech High came away with control in the second half. With no goals being scored in the first two minutes, both teams were fatiguing. With a man up opportunity, Coach Kelsie called a time out to try to work the 6 on 5. Pirates were unable to convert the opportunity. Both teams went back and forth until finally another goal was scored at 3:26. Pirate Terrin Ing scored his 3rd goal of the game. There wouldn’t be another goal until 1:31 when High Tech High’s D. Habib would sink one to end the quarter 4-11. Period 4: Pirate N. Molenkamp faced off with Storm O. Frattini Edwards. High Tech High came away with the first possession of the quarter. As both teams grew tired, Storm players D. Habib and M. Lancaster put two points on the board for High Tech. As they began to close the gap, High Tech High was capitalizing on Oceanside’s mistakes. At 2:53 M. Mori put another point on the board bringing the score to 7-11. Within :45 seconds, Storm’s O. Frattini Edwards scores bringing the score within 3. With less than two minutes left in the game, Pirates were feeling the pressure. Each team scored a final goal. Torin Noetzel for Oceanside and D. Habib for High Tech High. Pirates managed to hold off the Storm with a final score of 9-12.