Oceanside, CA — Novice/JV Game Recap: Final Score: 6-4 High Tech High Oceanside’s Novice team took on the JV High Tech team in the first half of last week’s match up. Both teams played great and showed so much improvement! Period 1: Starting the game off with a good sprint, High Tech had F. Saucedo matched up against Pirate Brian Doherty. High Tech Storm came away with the ball and the first opportunity on offense. Pirates were able to hold the Storm off and moved on to offense. Both teams fought hard up and down the pool without any goals being scored for the first 5 minutes of the quarter. With one minute to go, Pirates earned an ejection against High Tech’s D. Habib. With a man up opportunity, Pirates were set up to score. Oceanside struggled to convert the man up opportunity into a goal. Pirate goalie, Kaleb Dorse, snuck one in at the last second to end the quarter 1-0. Period 2: Moving into the second quarter the Pirates were focused on spacing and pressure passing. For the sprint, Brian Doherty lined up for the Pirates against Storm’s T. Hernandez. With another close race, T. Hernandez came away with the ball. High Tech took quick control scoring three goals through the second quarter. L. McMuma scored twice for Storm while his teammate I. Ridge scored one. The quarter ended with a score of 3-1, High Tech High. Period 3: Up to sprint for JV Pirates was Nic Nance. He faced off with High Tech High’s M. Peach. JV Pirates came away from the sprint with the first opportunity on offense for the second half. Quick into the quarter the Pirates found themselves with a man up opportunity against High Tech Storm. The Pirates again struggled to convert the opportunity into a goal but were able to score on their next offensive possession. Pirate John Di Mento sank one in for the Pirates at 3:09 while fellow Pirate Ben Gysler put another one in for Oceanside at 2:18 bringing the score to 3-3. With 2 minutes left in the third quarter Pirates took a hard hit with Maverick Billings taking an ejection and earning a penalty giving High Tech High a free shot on goal. Storm’s D. Habib was able to squeeze one past Oceanside goalie Kaleb Dorse to go up 4-3 on the Pirates with 1:57 left in the quarter. In the last minute of the quarter the Pirates found themselves with yet another man up opportunity. Finally able to convert the opportunity into a goal, Pirate Nic Nance tied it up 4-4 with :38 left in the quarter. Period 4: With the game so tight both teams were hungry for the win. Sprinting for the Pirates was Nic Nance. Up to sprint for Storm, M. Kulenkampf. With good defense, neither team was able to score in the first minute. At 4:47, M. Kulenkampf put one in for High Tech High giving them a one goal lead over the Pirates. On the next offensive possession for the Pirates, M. Kulenkampf was ejected giving the Pirates a man up opportunity. Coach Emma called a strategic time out in an effort to get the Pirates set up to score. Pirates struggled to make solid passes and were unable to convert the opportunity into a goal. Within the next minute Pirates had another man up opportunity and again failed to convert the opportunity into a goal. With 1:00 left in the game the Pirates find themselves down with John Di Mento taking an exclusion. High Tech High calls a timeout in an effort to get focused and put the final point on the board. With :45 seconds left in the game S. Ortega scored his first goal of the game and sealed the deal for High Tech High. The Storm defeats the Pirates 6-4.