Game MVP

Emily Maxwell
#7 A
El Segundo Girls Varsity Lacrosse


Happy Senior Night! We chose a strand of DNA for Emily because we see the traits she possesses and expresses have been inherited by her teammates. She leads by example on and off the field, and she is what Eagle lacrosse is all about. She is a selfless and dedicated player, and she will always do what is best for the team. DNA is found in the nucleus of a cell, and Emily is 100% a nucleus of this team. She helps hold everyone together because she cares so deeply for her teammates.

Jamie Christian
Happy Senior Night!! She is the kind of player you dream about coaching because she plays with a drive and dedication you can’t teach. The amount of heart she puts into every single game makes you wonder she if has anything left, but she just keeps on beating. Jamie breathes life and energy into this team, and losing her will truly feel like losing an organ. Her teammates are better players for playing with her, and better people for having known her. Because of her, our hearts beat a little more in sync.
#18 M