El Segundo, CA — Everything the Eagles have been working for all season came together in yesterday's game vs. Downey. From the very first whistle, the players had their heads in the game and played their hearts out. The entire first half was back and forth, the goal differential never extending beyond one and the half ending 8-7 in Gundo's favor. The Eagles pulled ahead early in the second half to lead by 4, but Downey answered to tie it at 11 with 10 minutes in the game. An Eagle goal by Morgan Wood at 5 minutes put Gundo ahead, but Downey was quick to tie it back up 20 seconds later. Abi Layne finished a shot with 2:30 to go, but Downey scored again with 1:17 left. The Eagles lost the draw but came up with a CTO and beautiful transition down the field. A strategic possession timeout called by Coach Chuck with 30 seconds left allowed the girls to take a breath and set up a play, and they went back out there with looks of determination unlike any other. The goalie saved the shot, but Grace Bonney came up with the rebound and buried the ball in the back of the net with 5 seconds left in the contest. Defense has been looking better and better each game, and yesterday was the best we've seen yet. Our defensive unit worked together and shut down Downey's settled attack time after time, and Faith made 8 solid saves. Seniors Tia Valentino, Becca Ostler, and Tatum Stevens kept defense organized and strong throughout the game. Transitions started on D and middies were constantly there for one another to work the ball up the field. These quick transitions turned into goals more than once. Attack was dominant on the redefend, forcing errors and turnovers to keep the ball on our attacking end of the field. The doubles were quick and effective and prevented Downey's fast breaks, allowing defense and mids time to get back. We also had some senior night goals from four of our eight seniors: Isabelle Pirsztuk, Bella Keus, Sabrina Sullivan, and Sam Nilsson, and a critical assist by Elise Lubs! Every single player played smart the entire game, waiting for the right pass or the right look at cage. They played their trail passes, switched the field, waited for the second option, and took the right shots from start to finish, all the way down to the last second. With this win, the Eagles are currently first in the Ocean League, and with two games left in the regular season, the Eagles are hopeful for a playoff bid to continue this positive momentum!