Woodland Hills, CA — Neither the heat nor nine missing players could stop the Eagles from taking the W against El Camino Real CHS last Saturday. Shoutout to our JV players Storey Noble (who scored!), Fiona Elliott, Danielle Trujillo, and Giselle Murphy who helped fill out our roster and played a critical role in the victory. They learned all our plays on the bus ride over, and executed them effectively an hour later on the field. Morgan Wood and Grace Bonney were quite the dynamic duo throughout the game, as Grace assisted 3 of Morgan's 7 goals, and Morgan assisted 2 of Grace's 4 goals! In the first half, the Eagles held El Camino Real scoreless for 23 minutes, and they extended their 7-2 lead to 14-6 to end the game. Freshman defender Kat Luetgens also scored her first goal for the Eagles (on her birthday weekend)! The transitions up the field were seamless, and we were seeing caused turnovers all over the field. The Eagles took control early and maintained it throughout the game. We'll take that W over Coachella Weekend One any day.