Temecula, CA — The Westminster Lions came into town with a mighty roar but left Temecula with only a faint Meow. In a must win game the Golden Bears came out firing on all cylinders. Westminster came out swinging claws and paws for all to see, little did they know Temecula would be the ring leader of this day. Our Senior duo of Emma Hilbig and Skylar Richards accounted for most of the scoring on the day, scoring three of the four goals in the contest. The last goal was wrung in by a new face on the team Mallory Martinezz immediately paying dividends on her first few touches on the ball. With some real aggressive play winning a 50/50 ball and driving that momentum up field she placed a solid shot on goal that beat the rushing Goal Keeper. Scoring in her first game in a Varsity Uniform, congratulations Mallory! On the flip side defensively it was another shut out on the books. The Three Amigos are now an even more formidable Quartet. As Ice Cube would say… “I got to say it was a good day”