Liberty Charter High School
Girls Varsity Volleyball Fundraiser

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Liberty Charter Girls Varsity Volleyball Fundraiser

As a charter school we do not own our facilities, therefore less money is available to fund after school activities, including sports teams. Fundraising is necessary to field quality programs. We are actively seeking individuals, families, and businesses willing to sponsor our team. Liberty charter high school is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible. The school pays for the rental cost of our facilities and offset costs of athletic uniforms and equipment. Our team is responsible to pay for the majority of conference dues, invitational fees and any equipment or uniform needs that the athletic budget cannot cover. We believe that raising funds can help open the door for more opportunities for the team to be successful. It also allows us the freedom to use funds for the team in ways so we do not have to rely on our families. Thank you for your consideration.

About Us

Liberty Charter High school is dedicated to excellence in the classroom and in athletics. In the 2016 to 2017 season, 46% of our students compete in sports. Our greatest priority is to teach student athletes character. While winning is our goal, developing men and women of excellent character who will make a positive impact at the school and beyond is our purpose. We are a program that believes there is a heart behind the jersey. We believe that building an athlete from the inside out has a much better return on investment. We are committed to fierce competition with “DIG” as our motto, Dignity, Integrity and Grace!
Varsity 70 Donations $5,045
Jr. Varsity 45 Donations $2,200
$7,245 /10,000

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