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AFS Sierra San Joaquin Fundraiser

The Sierra San Joaquin chapter of ASF USA is conducting a fundraiser through Blast Athletics. The funds raised will be used to purchase Year Books for the students. We hope to have enough funds to purchase a page in the yearbook for the students to create an add with the AFS logo and pictures of memories of their year in the U.S. Remaining funds will go toward transportation costs to AFS events. Each student has the goal of raising $200. The funds will go into a general account from which the purchases will be made by an AFS coordinator. Thank you for supporting these courageous young men and women as they experience high school and family life in the U.S.
$675 /3,000

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In Memory of Ed Howard
Friend of Ed Howard, 3/05/2020

I appreciate everyone sharing your time, positive energy & beautiful cultures! Enjoy your adventures...
Mary L Whalen, 3/03/2020

Wishing you all the best! Enjoy every moment! Lynne's friend, Jackieā¤
Jackie Niemeyer, 3/02/2020

Enjoy your year in the US!
Ben De Los Reyes, 2/29/2020

Good luck with your fund-raising project, Rasmus. You did a great job with the video!
Gail Marshall, 2/25/2020