Don Antonio Lugo High School
Varsity Wrestling Fundraiser

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Don Antonio Lugo Varsity Wrestling Fundraiser

Thanks for you help! We're raising money for our season expenses including tournament fees, wrestling supplies, and our year-end banquet. Thank you for sponsoring Don Lugo HS Wrestling! Go Conquistadors!!!
$2,681 /5,000

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Mike Parker
Michael Gomez


Conrad Villalobos Family

From Our Sponsors

Good luck!
Raz, 1/07/2020

Wrestling huh?! Remind me not to joke around with you anymore! My old bones won’t be able to take the punishment.
Tío Orlando, 12/27/2019

We love you Paul, from Tia Farrah & Uncle Anthony
Farrah A Salas, 12/27/2019

Keep up the great work! ! GO GET THEM! !
Tio Ed & Krew! ! (Kari,Kira,Kayti,Kody), 12/20/2019

Have a great season Nate.
Ismael meza, 12/19/2019