Westlake High School
Girls Jr. Varsity Water Polo Fundraiser

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Westlake Girls Jr. Varsity Water Polo Fundraiser

The Westlake Girls High School Water Polo Team is a group of young Ladies who strive to excel as student athletes and reap all the benefits that such a rigorous and competitive sport has to offer. Donations are necessary to cover the cost of travel expenses, tournament entry fees, and equipment. These ladies put an incredible amount of time and energy into the team and their common goal of achieving team success together. Your generous DONATION and SUPPORT is much appreciated. Go Warriors!!
Varsity 16 Donations $1,832
Jr. Varsity 19 Donations $1,475
$3,307 /5,000

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From Our Sponsors

Hi, Morgan: I donated $50 to support your water polo team - Go for Goal! Love, Uncie Gregg
Gregg Mitchell, 1/18/2020

Love You—-Your Pa.
Stuart Kessel, 1/14/2020

Just contributed to your team go Lily! go Warriors! grandma and grandpa
Mark and Cam Thompson, 1/09/2020

Good luck and keep up the good work.
shohreh Ebrahimi Mofidi, 12/16/2019

I am very proud of you and I have high confident in you that you will succeed becoming a very competitive waterpolo player
Kevin Manocheri, 12/15/2019