Oak Park High School
Girls Varsity Softball Fundraiser

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Oak Park Girls Varsity Softball Fundraiser

The Oak Park Girls Softball program is raising funds for the 2019-2020 season. This is one of our biggest fundraisers and it intentionally coincides with our season so that all of our sponsors can follow our progress on Blast. As with any successful program, we cannot exist or succeed without generous donations from our alumni, community, and most importantly our friends and family. All of your contributions will help provide our teams with much needed funds for uniforms and equipment, tournament fees, and many of the other various costs it takes to run a high school softball program. Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will help us have a successful season. By donating, you will become a part of the Oak Park softball community where you will receive weekly updates to include videos, photos and game scores throughout the season. Please join below! Thank you in advance for your support!
$3,736 /5,000

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From Our Sponsors

Hit a Homerun!!!!!
Ramona L Spradling, 3/06/2020

Go Eagles!
Kimberly and Michael Anton, 3/05/2020

Good luck this season!
Brad Ferstan, 3/05/2020

Have a terrific season Sofie! We love you❤️❤️
Barbara Skurka, 3/04/2020

Go Taylor! From Grandpa Clay
Ann N. Packard, 3/02/2020