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Boys Varsity Basketball Fundraiser

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Onate Boys Varsity Basketball Fundraiser

We are raising funds for our upcoming season! With a crazy year for us all, we need your support now more than ever. Our Blast Team Fundraiser allows us to stay safe during this time of uncertainty, and allows you, our great sponsors, to follow us along the entire way! *The governor has recently shut down activity throughout the state, so we are in a holding pattern once again. Your contributions are still needed and greatly appreciated, and will go towards our season once we are cleared to resume. At this point, we are looking at a later start to our season than usual, towards the end of the year or even the beginning of spring.

About Us

The Onate Boy's Basketball program is looking forward to our upcoming season! Please support us, and follow us through our journey!
Varsity 59 Donations $3,380
Freshman 61 Donations $3,810
$7,190 /9,500

How Blast Works

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Click the yellow donate button, then choose your favorite athlete to follow. If you don't know an athlete, select the Team option.
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Pay with your credit or debit card
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Receive a weekly update including photos and videos of the athlete you followed and the entire team.

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Nathan Smith
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From Our Sponsors

Good luck !!!

Have a great year! Stay safe and play well.
Tammy Gonzales, 12/01/2020

Computer Blue!
Prince and The Revolution, 12/01/2020

Enjoy the game!
Anonymous, 12/01/2020

Hello Bryan Gonzalez best of luck to you and your teammates from El Paso, TX. Rock oooooon! 🤘
Johnny Orozco, 11/13/2020