Garey High School
Girls Softball Program Fundraiser

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Garey Girls Softball Fundraiser

We are the Garey Girls Softball team. Please help us reach our goal for our 2021 season. Thank you for your donations.
$3,250 /5,000
Plus 2 monthly recurring pledges

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Richard Macias
Andrew Vasquez


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Alejandro cuevas

From Our Sponsors

Have a great season Ms. Ari! Do I get the privilege of going to one of your games lol but for real 🤔🤣😁😘
Johanna Vasquez, 5/04/2021

Go Vikings!!
Richard Macias, 5/04/2021

Ellie, We are so proud of you. Love Tio, Tia, Selena and Iris.
Guillermo Sanchez, 5/03/2021

Have a great year baby girl! Kick butt!!! Love you 💕
Anonymous, 5/03/2021

Zoie I'm very proud of you. And stay as you are. Love always Grandma
Jeanette. Diaz, 5/03/2021