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Mission Bay Football Fundraiser

Our Blast fundraiser is vital to our program raising the money we need to operate a top-notch football program. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were unable to generate revenue from other streams that we normally have available to us, which makes Blast even more important for us this year. We are a self-funded program and need your help to acquire what we feel is necessary for us to not only compete on the field, but also give our players and staff the best experience possible. Your donations will provide us the opportunity to buy equipment, pay for travel, and many other important items that allow us to coach and play at our highest level.

About Us

The Bucs will play a tough schedule this season and are predicated to make it to the CIF finals. We have multiple players with the talent to continue their career at the next level. The team is full of athletes that not only excel on the field but they also excel in the classroom, with some upperclassmen garnering attention from Ivy League schools.This year’s team, while young, is looking very competitive and we’re very excited about the upcoming season.
$10,685 /12,500

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From Our Sponsors

Good luck with the season Jack!! Keep working hard, we are very proud of you!!
Laurene ryan, 9/08/2021

Happy Playing AJ!! ❤️
Anonymous, 6/25/2021

Go Bucs! From Uncle Kevin
Kevin Ritter, 6/23/2021

Love you Keller! Go Bucs!!!
Mom and Dad, 6/23/2021

Let’s go bucs!
The West fam, 6/23/2021