Cypress High School
Girls Varsity Wrestling Fundraiser

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Cypress Girls Varsity Wrestling Fundraiser

Thanks for your help! We're raising money for our season expenses including tournament fees, bus rides, mat tape and medicine kit supplies.

About Us

Welcome to another exciting season of Cypress Centurion Wrestling. This season we have a very young team that are dedicated and committed to having a great season. A lot of the wrestlers have only been wrestling for 1 or 2 seasons but are a vital part of our team. Our veteran wrestlers will lead the way with their leadership and enthusiasm. I believe we can compete at a high level with all of the teams in Southern California. We’re looking forward to the season to start.

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Sunder Singh
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From Our Sponsors

Have a great season Kayla!!!
Mary Jane Peterson, 11/09/2021

Good luck to you and your team this season
Esther Vargas, 11/08/2021

Good luck!
Vincent Laguana, 11/06/2021

Good luck!
Sunder Singh, 10/30/2021

Good luck!
Sunder Singh, 10/30/2021