RD2 Hepner
12U Baseball Fundraiser

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RD2 Hepner 12U Fundraiser

Please help our boys get to Cooperstown this Summer! They are training really hard and can’t wait to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

About Us

We are a 12U travel baseball team out of Long Beach, CA managed by Ryan Dent and coached by Bryan Hepner.
$2,154 /10,000

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From Our Sponsors

Keep up the hard work. "Play hard have fun"
Anthony Sandoval, 11/20/2021

We’re so excited for you to go on this adventure! Have fun!❤️
COLLEEN REE, 11/12/2021

Hit them Hard & Far !
Barry Hinden, 11/10/2021

Knock 'em dead Matthew!! So proud of you!!
Donna M Lesh, 11/10/2021

Hey Hunter, keep up the awesome job dude! I can't wait to see you play in the majors 😁
Melissa Earnshaw, 11/10/2021