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Troy Track & Field Fundraiser

Welcome to Troy Track! Over the last decade Troy track and field has had unparalleled success. We would love for you to participate in our success by donating any amount of money to our program. The purchase of uniforms, patches, athletic equipment, banquet expenses are just a few of the things these resources will go to. Thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate it.
$3,120 /5,000

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Debra Gutierrez/ Mom of CGR

From Our Sponsors

Have an amazing time on the track! May you glorify Him in your fierce training! We Love you
Aiden de Leest, 4/04/2022

Go Zoe!!!
Mendoza Family, 4/01/2022

Good Job Cousin!!
Alex Tiscareno, 4/01/2022

Good luck Caitlin! Have a fun season!
Valerie Gonzales, 3/29/2022

I hope you keep getting better and better and better love you
Francisco castaneda, 3/26/2022