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Bsc Bengals 14u Premier Fundraiser

Welcome to our BSC Bengals Briggs Premier 14U Fundraiser page!!! We are excited to be kicking off the 2021 season! Our girls have been working extremely hard to prepare themselves for their upcoming Tournaments and National Tournaments. We are raising money to help support the most important part of our season, as we will be attending events such as PGF Nationals, TCS Nationals, TCS Tournaments, and MUCH more... Our girls continue to play highly competitive games that showcase their talents. Competition like this will help them reach their individual and team goals. Unfortunately, competition like this brings additional expenses to our team. You are receiving this special invitation to be part of our Bengal Family!! We are hoping that you take our team into consideration, and potentially donate to support our teams needs. Any amount you can afford helps! When you donate, you will receive our teams weekly emails and updates on how your "Bengal” Player and her team are doing!!! Thank you for your support!!!

About Us

We have recently transitioned to a new organization ran by Ken and Roseann Briggs. As a first year 14U team we have found some success in our growing year! THIS team has won two tournaments this year. We started the season off with winning the Summer Start Up and began the new year winning The Winter Classic!! In the fall, we competed in the Veteran’s Tribute in Georgia where we finished as finalist!! We are competing monthly in tournaments! We recently placed 3rd in the Money Ball Tournament in Irvine. Our girls are all great student athlete's and they strive to be their best on and off the field!! The BSC BENGALS mission is to provide a high level of training for our athletes as well as educate them about the game they love so much, SOFTBALL!!! With your help we can continue to help our student athletes work towards their goal of one day receiving athletic and academic softball scholarships!!
$13,855 /17,500

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Good Luck!!!
Anonymous, 4/27/2022

You go my softball sister.
Cindy Morales, 4/25/2022

This girl is on 🔥 Fire!!! Stay healthy and strong! We are wishing you ALL the very best this season. 😘😘😘
Aunt Jenifer Baez, 4/23/2022

Wishing you lots of fun !
Richard and Barbara Joyce, 4/18/2022

“Rip City” Girlfriend!!!
Patty and Jerry Aria, 4/15/2022