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Your donation to CV Football will help fund equipment and gear such as a 5 man sled, yearly Hudl subscription, high quality footballs, shoulder pads, end zone camera for filming, safety equipment, practice jerseys, uniforms, and team gear like duffel bags for road trips, just to name a few things. All of these purchases help build and maintain a high quality program. Football is an extremely equipment/gear heavy sport and your investment makes a huge difference! Thank you!

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"You should encourage your kid to play football because it's hard! Too many kids are NOT playing because it's hard. Listen, it's tough to wake up in the summer mornings and go to practice, knowing other kids are sleeping in. It's tough to put on pads and a helmet in 95 degree heat in August when other kids are at the pool and your legs are shaking from exhaustion. It's hard blocking, tackling, and hitting kids who are bigger and stronger than you, only to leave practice with a dozen bruises, just to come back and do it again tomorrow. But guess what, life is hard, life is tough, and your kid will be a lot more prepared to take it on from the lessons he learned from football. Encourage them to play football because it IS hard and there is no success in life without hardship." - Author Unknown


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Tim & Allison Sissel $1,500
W.L. Construction, Inc. $1,000
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Alexis Mc Quillan Corvallis, OR $250


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