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We made it down to Houston for the World Championships. A once in a lifetime opportunity (more info below). Thank you ALL for your support. We sincerely appreciate it!! Additional donations will be used to update our lab, buy new equipment & prepare for our quest to once again qualify for the World Championships next year!! #goROBOTICEAGLES ---------------------- IT IS OFFICIAL - Today (Sat April 9th) we won the MIDWEST REGIONALS & secured our spot at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in HOUSTON, TX in less than 2 weeks where we will face off against teams from around the globe. And now...the rush is on to Fundraise as quickly as possible so we can reserve travel & rooms for the team, purchase equipment for our Robot, put aside funds for meals while in Texas, etc... HOUSTON HERE WE COME!! go ROBOTIC EAGLES #8122 --------------------------------------- Below is from last week when we were unsure of our status for the World Championships --------------------------------------- At the end of March we won the Central Illinois Regional Robotics Competition in Peoria - it was first time we have competed in person in over two years. In a typical year, winning this Regional Event would have punched our ticket to the World Championships being held in Houston, Texas later this month, but due to reduced size of the event we are not a guarantee. We are still hopeful we will called and invited to go to Houston to compete against the best Robotics teams from across the globe - and if we do we will need to be able to pay for the trip quickly. If selected, this fundraiser will go to support that goal & get our team to the World Championships. If not, 100% of this fundraiser will be used to help us expand our team resources, bring in equipment & tools necessary to continue to advance the Robotics program and for supplies for our Robotics lab. Thank you for your support - we sincerely appreciate it!

About Us

This is just our 3rd year as a Robotics Team where we compete in "FIRST robotics competitions" throughout the year. For these competitions we have just 6 weeks to build a fully-functioning Robot that once complete can weigh in at up to 150lbs and reach nearly 6ft in height. In just under 3 years we already have 40+ members on our very competitive Robotic Eagles team. The team is engaging and learning new skills daily, such as; CAD, programing, business organization, project management and much, much more.


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