San Leandro Varsity Football Fundraiser

As a public school football program, funding is extremely challenging. We strive to provide equipment and uniforms to help teach our athletes the game of football and keep them safe. At the same time we endeavor to build relationships and memories that will carry them through a lifetime.

About Us

The San Leandro Football Program works to help young people build themselves into positive members of society using the sport to teach life lessons. We use the football field as an extension of the classroom to teach what the classroom cannot.


raised of $12,000 goal


Level # of Donations Amount
Varsity 121 Donations $6,709
JV 93 Donations $6,710

Ball Security Bonus

Raise $20,000, Receive a FREE HIGHandTIGHT Football and Consult
HIGHandTIGHT Footballs are the WORLD’s ONLY self-contained pressure measuring, multi-sensory, instant audible feedback training footballs on the market that helps athletes create habits that win games.

"Ball Security is Job Security" and now everyone can HEAR instantly that a player is carrying the ball properly!

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Michael J Morgan $250
Rosalia Cruz Gonzalez $250
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