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Thanks for visiting the Antioch High School Softball Fundraiser. This year we are raising money to cover the cost of new practice gear & advanced training equipment, replacement uniforms, facility improvements, team travel gear & team meals, and also for our end of season team awards celebration. We sincerely appreciate the support of our friends, family members, community & area businesses. To say thanks, we'd like you to follow along with us all season long. When you donate to our fundraiser, you become a part of the Sequoits Softball Community. As a member of our 'Community,' you can receive real-time updates from our games & tournaments throughout the season. Then, at the end of each week, all of our donors, sponsors, & supporters will receive an email with all of the uploaded content from the previous week, along with updates on our team and our schedule for the upcoming week. Thanks again for your support - we sincerely appreciate it! #goSEQUOITS #AHS


raised of $12,250 goal


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Friends & Family 98 Donations $8,055
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