Madonna Football Fundraiser

We are looking forward to a new season and all of the exciting things to come. Fundraising, now more than ever, is vital to the success of our program. We want to be able to give these athletes everything they need to have a successful season. Each participant has a monetary goal, please consider donating and sharing via email, text, and social media so that they may reach it. Your donation is greatly appreciated, and will be used toward meals, technology, travel costs, uniform, the repair & purchase of equipment, weight room equipment, training camps and competitions gear. Thank you so much for your support! GO CRU! #RISEUP






Recurring Donations ($45/mo)
Level # of Donations Amount
Friends & Family 151 Donations $15,680
Digital Ad Sales 1 Purchased $350

Ball Security Bonus

Raise $20,000, Receive a FREE HIGHandTIGHT Football and Consult
HIGHandTIGHT Footballs are the WORLD’s ONLY self-contained pressure measuring, multi-sensory, instant audible feedback training footballs on the market that helps athletes create habits that win games.

"Ball Security is Job Security" and now everyone can HEAR instantly that a player is carrying the ball properly!

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