Want to get your company in front of all of our players, coaches, parents, fans, and sponsors consistently all season long? This is your solution.

How it Works

Purchase your ad space directly on Blast. Enter your company name, a slogan, a website and upload an image. It's that easy.

Every team email will contain one company's ad, rotating evenly between the companies that purchase ad space (max 15).

Change your website, slogan, and image at any time at no extra charge.

Analytics include:

  • # Sent
  • # Opened
  • # Clicks
  • # of Unique Recipients
Sponsor email example


  • Tax Deductible (when applicable)
  • Highly engaged user base. Sponsors are paying money to receive their weekly updates, the team uses Blast to communicate and promote their program.
  • Every team member, fan and sponsor will see your ad over and over throughout the season.

Team Emails (some, not all)

  • Weekly Sponsor Updates
  • Final Scores
  • Messages
  • Game/Practice/Event Reminders
  • Game/Practice/Event Changes and Cancellations


  • All ads are subject to team admin approval and can be rejected.
  • No refunds unless team admin rejects the company.
  • No nudity or inappropriate content as deemed by Blast's Terms & Conditions.
  • All changes to ads must be approved by team admins before they will enter circulation.
  • Ads are purchases for each team and sent only to that team's members. For example, an ad purchased from a JV team will not be sent to the Varsity members.