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Wylie E Groves
Freshman Football
Grosse Pointe South Adams
Oct 21, 4:30pm
Freshman Football
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Sep 06, 2021
Adams 13, Oxford 14
Freshman Football
GAME SUMMARY: Freshmen @ Oxford 9/2/21
Oxford, MI — The Freshmen Highlander‘s first away game kicked off on September 2 on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Oxford Michigan. The Highlander’s Paxton Battershell, #24 kicked off to the home team Wildcats. The Oxford Freshmen started the offensive series from their 35 yard line after a procedural penalty. On the first play, #89 James Tsamaidis, had a great push off the defensive line, disrupting Oxford’s O-line and clearing the way for #5 Matteo Humbert, tackling the wildcat back for a loss of 2 yards. Second down was a no gain as Benny Dempster, #18 contained the back from running outside and Battershell and Humbert combined for another tackle for no gain. Oxford was able to convert the 3 and 12 on a swing pass to the back, tackled by Humbert out of bounds for a gain of 14. Oxford had a positive run for 4 yards, and Humbert had another tackle for a loss as he smashed the running back in the back field for a 2 yard loss. The Wildcats lined up in a shotgun formation, and went deep - drawing a pass interference call on the Highlanders. Oxford was on the Adams’ 36 after the penalty. On the next play, Humbert blitzed through the weak side A gap to force a fumble, unfortunately Oxford recovered. Oxford attempted a sweep to the right, again the Highlanders gave no ground, and on 3rd down the pass over the middle was broken up by Battershell. A 4th down pass attempt was overthrown and the Highlanders took over on downs at their 32 yard line. The offense started off on a QB keeper by #6 Lachlan Tillotson for a short gain to the 35. Battershell bounced outside for 21 yards on a counter to Oxford’s 47 yard line. Humbert hammered for 4 yards on a dive to follow. Another counter to Battershell gained 2 yards and on 3rd down, the drive stalled on a fumble to end the first quarter, tied up at 0. The Wildcats’ second offensive possession began at their 42, with another rush attempt, halted by #20, Liam Kania and #1 Tommy Offer for no gain. The D lines penetration by Tsamaidis and #53, Rowan Kawa led to another negative rush for Oxford. The Wildcats went to the air again, but pressure from the D line led to Oxford’s QB throwing an ill advised pass picked off by Tillotson and taken back to the Oxford 40 yard line. Adams O got to work quickly, ripping off a counter for 10 yards by Battershell, followed by a dive by Humbert and another counter by Battershell bringing the ball just short of the Oxford 20. On 4th and short, Humbert and the O line of #20 Kania, #34 - Joshua Ochoa, #89 Tsamaidis, #23 - Luke Campbell, and #52 Kawa, steam rolled the Oxford D for another first down. The drive ended as the Highlanders went for it on 4th and 6, unable to convert on a pass from Offer to Tillotson. Oxford starting at their own 16 yard line, went 3 and out on 3 pass attempts, punting on 4th down. The Highlander’s third offensive possession began at Oxford’s 48. The drive began with a jet sweep to Battershell for 12 yards, a counter to Battershell for another 15 yards, and a QB scramble by Tillotson - bringing the ball to the Oxford 2 yard line. First and goal to go! Offer took over at QB, completing a pass to Tillotson on a quick out from the slot. Tillotson was able to reach across the goal line for the score. The extra point just made it over the cross bar, and the Highlander’s take the lead, 7 to 0. The half ended on the ensuing kickoff. Adams Highlanders 7, Oxford Wildcats 0. Adams received the ball to start the second half, but 2 successive penalties against the Highlanders had them starting at their own 10 yard line. The offense could not get anything started, punting to Oxford to have the Wildcats start on their own 43 yard line. The Wildcats were able to chip away at the Highlander D, finally making a big play on third and 12 from the Adams’ 45 yard line. The Oxford QB was able to complete a deep pass to the Highlanders 10. The receiver slipped under the coverage and into the end zone for a score. The ensuing extra point was good, tying the score at 7. The Highlanders took over on offense, unfortunately a penalty placed them at their 21 yard line to start the drive. Humbert took the ball on 2 strait dives up the middle for a first down to the 32 of Adams. Humbert had another carry to set up a 2nd and 2 when Tillotson, on an option keeper, rumbled to the Oxford 45. The ground and pound continued as Humbert rumbled behind his line of Kania, Ochoa, Tsamaidis, Campbell, and Kawa - taking the ball on a 22 yard run to the Oxford 14 - ending the third quarter tied at 7. The fourth quarter started with Adams continuing the ground game, capitalizing on the fine blocking from the line and slots as Tillotson scored on the QB option keeper. The point after attempt was wide left, leaving the score - Adams Highlanders 13, Oxford Wildcats 7. Oxford took the kick off to their 41 to start their next possession. The D continued to stuff the run as Kawa and Sacco combined for a tackle for no gain. The Wildcats went to the air and completed a pass for a first down, and after short gains were able to convert a third and 1 for a first down at the Adams’ 36. Dempster and Kawa collapsed the backfield for no gain, forcing a second down pass attempt. The QB scrambled just a few yards before Kania yanked him down for a stop and after another scramble out of bounds, Oxford faced a 4th and 3 at the Adams 29. Adams blitzed the weak side backer, forcing a roll out and scramble - but the Oxford QB was able to find a receiver. The short pass was carried up to the Adams’ 12 for a first down to continue the drive in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter. Oxford capitalized on the momentum - running the ball in on the next play and completing the extra point to put them ahead late in the 4th quarter. Oxford 14 - Adams 13. Adams received the ball and started from their own 20 with less than 3 minutes left in the game. 2 successive dive option plays brought the ball to the 24 of Adams. On third and long, Tillotson was unable to connect on a pass leading to 4th down. Tension was high in the stands, but Tillotson delivered a spot on pass to Battershell on a seam route, splitting the defense until brought down at the Oxford 38 with less than 2 minutes to go. A dive by Humbert for 5 yards, followed by a counter out of bounds by Battershell bringing the ball to the Oxford 26 with just over a minute on the clock. The next 2 plays had the Highlanders back pedaling on a sack and then a pitch for a loss all the way back to the Oxford 49. On 3rd and long Offer completed a slant for 13 yards to Tillotson. On 4th and long with the clock running out a final pass attempt by Offer was intercepted at the Oxford 12 yard line ending the Highlanders hopes. The Highlanders never stopped battling, but ended losing a close game to a well coached Oxford Team for their first loss of the season. Final score: Oxford Wildcats 14 - Adams Highlanders 13.
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