Matthew Mercado
HS 2024
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Contact: [email protected]

HS 2024
15 years old
Handed: Right Handed

Football — Linebacker

About Me

I am a 5' 10" 205 lbs. 15 yr. old Sophomore playing MLB and LS for my High School Football Team. I currently have a standing 3.5 GPA and hope to pursue a career in Sports Therapy and Training. In my life, I have learned the valuable lesson that the difference between a good student-athlete and a great one is the relationship between student and coach. I have the best team of coaches any student could ask for. They have helped me maintain the fire to succeed on and off the field. My parents are my life coaches, my teachers / counselors are my academic coaches, and my football coaches and teammates are my motivators. I am grateful for all of them. It would be an honor to be recruited by a college and continue this journey of learning, growing, helping, and winning. I will do whatever it takes to make that happen! For more information and HIGHLIGHTS, please visit my page at: Thank you!