Gobles, MI — "These girls never stop amazing me! At the beginning of the season, when I looked at this team I knew that they had a ton of potential but I also knew our conference had some very fast skiers and some teams that were deep and could really make a run at the championship. My girls stepped up and skied well enough to end up in 2nd place and they should be proud of their efforts. My seniors, Barbie DeGood and Evie Schlett, really did a great job skiing this year but what I am most proud of is how they brought up everyone around them. These two girls helped everyone on their team grow as skiers, I saw them working with our exchange students and younger skiers to help them grow & learn from their experiences." Coach Petrosky "Throughout the season we saw Mya and Kyleigh improve in their skill and confidence and I saw my seniors there leading them every step of the way. This last race was a very bittersweet moment for me since it was the end of an era, which is always sad but I have seen the passing of the torch of leadership this season and am excited to see how our new leaders will push their team forward." Scoring for the girls team tonight were Barbie DeGood (9th GS & 10th SL), Evie Schlett (10th SL & 12th GS), Kyleigh Thompson (18th GS & 26th SL), Mya Baldwin(15th GS) and Elena Luraschi (25th SL). Barbie DeGood, Mya Baldwin and Kyleigh Thompson ended up on the All Conference Team for the SWMSC. Our girls B-Team finished their season in 3rd place in the SWMSC B standings. Due to illness and injury we only had two girls ski for our B-team at the last race of the season but the two that did skied well. Lydia Sowerby placed 4th in slalom and 5th in GS, while Adia Whisler placed 7th in slalom and 11th in GS in the B-standings.