Express "Homebase" & Potluck for Oceanside Hustle

We will be setting up a "home base" for this weekend's tournament. While we cannot guarantee where we will end up setting up, our goal is to set up in the same spot as Surfstorm, which is to the right when you walk in.
​​We hope all families will join in for a potluck. The potluck is meant to be as simple as possible... bring healthy snacks or bottled water for about 20 people that anyone can indulge in. If we have extra at the end of this weekend, our tournaments are close enough to each other that water and some snacks can be kept for the following tournament.
​​We also hope that through this environment, players and families within each team, AND also from team to team, connect with one another.
​​We look forward to another great weekend together!
​Go Express!
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