Code of Conduct

As we head into our next tournaments, please adhere to the Parent Code of Conduct. Parents are to refrain from any negative comments to or regarding the team, it’s coaches or players, whether the comment is made directly or indirectly to the team, player, or coach. Also, we ask that everyone adhere to the 24 hour rule when you have a complaint for the coach. It is there for a reason - and definitely do not approach a coach in a negative manner at the field, near the dugout or in the parking lot. When 24 hours have transpired, we would be glad to set up a meeting with the parent, player, and coaching staff away from the field. But please do not ask us about playing time. As coaches we are trying to be as fair as possible while trying to put a winning team on the field that will be as successful as possible. Every coach that makes a lineup does not have a child on the team. If your daughter would like to speak directly to the coach regarding playing time, please have her do so away from the team after the game is completed - never in or around the dugout near the team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your continued support. Coach Jeff 714-348-9760
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