Quick FBU Richmond Updates

Good morning everyone! Hard to believe Regionals are 24 days away and Nationals are 40. Some quick bullet points:

1) We have several players amongst our 4 teams competing for regional AYF championships and the Metro Super Bowl this weekend. Lets wish them all luck. CQL kicks its playoffs as well so FBU Richmond players will be rocking it all over the mid-Atlantic!

2) EVERYONE - we will wear BLACK PANTS and socks in regionals and nationals. If you do not own a pair, I would suggest buying one now. Regionals jerseys will be orange and black (what we were assigned). Nationals resets and everyone will have something different there.

3) Looks like we are going to get a little less rain Friday than expected so I am very optimistic we are going to be fine for practice Sunday. Still waiting to hear from Trinity (last turf option but everyone seems to have soccer tying up turf fields Sunday) but, regardless, I think Klehr will be good to go for us. Practice is ON as scheduled. Still working on scrimmages for multiple levels for 11/20. Stand by on that.

4) REMINDER - fees are due ASAP (unless you have talked with me already then you are good). Time to turn the page to game prep so need to move on from that conversation after this week as its my least favorite part of doing this. I am always 100% flexible but, as I always say, I can't help work through zero communication. Do NOT reply to this message with questions or issues. Reach out to me directly via direct message, email to [email protected] or text me at 940-783-2244.

5) AGE VERIFICATION - www.nationalsportsid.com. Everyone should have gotten an email invite. If not, please go on there and register your sons now. It will ask for a head shot (no hats or eyewear on), age verification (state id, passport or birth certificate all suffice) and a report card or class schedule (something showing academic grade). Search for your appropriate Richmond team (FBU Richmond 6th Grade 2022 is an example) and ask to join. If you can't find it, message ME and say that you have registered your son, what his legal name is and I will add him manually). It literally takes less than 5 minutes and is like $10 or $11. This is our official FBU Roster and is 100% mandatory. Please just get it done! 8th Grade roster is locking after this weekend so that needs to be done now (as you ALL know). 10U-6th-7th needs to be done by next week. If you are not on there, then you are not playing with us as there is nothing I can do about that.

Thanks - this is without question the deepest and most well-rounded set of teams FBU Richmond has ever fielded! The talent is off the charts on every level and I can't wait to see everyone in action.

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