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Game 3 vs Michigan Lady Playmakers

The girls saved their best performance for the final game of the night. The Playmakers had a 30 point win over Michigan Anarchy earlier in the day. Our girls came out fast and it was a complete game start to finish. The Factory pressed us in the first game and it bothered us. The Playmakers tried to press us early but the girls went right through it with great ball movement. Defensively, I thought our girls just played tremendous team defense. For the second game in a row we didn’t allow our opponent to get in the lane with the dribble drive. Our gap help was even better than the 2nd game.

Game 2 vs Always 100 Sunbelt

We had a 4 hour break between games but we needed it. The girls did a much better job on both ends of the court in this game. Defensively it was night and day different from the opener. We were just way more connected our communication was also better.

Game 1 vs The Factory Orange

First game of the year and you could tell. The Factory put it on us pretty good. We just didn’t look comfortable out there. Many of the issues were your typical first game issues. We just need to play more, develop that chemistry and get comfortable with each other. The Factory Orange was a really good team. You could tell they had a few weekends under their belt with the way they played. They were much more connected on both ends compared to us. The Factory would go undefeated and win the tournament. Their average margin of victory was 30 points which is pretty impressive.


Not our best showing, rushed ourselves into quick shots, they made shots early and stalled, had to play from behind and try to get the ball back. Couldn't get it going from 3, good game to learn from.

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Mount Pleasant, MI

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