SULAX Welcomes Your Photos, Thoughts, Stories, and more!

Howdy SULAX! Please become active in your SULAX community. We would love to feature your child, parent, supporter, or other member of the SULAX family. Send us pictures, thoughts, stories and anything else that will help our Club supporters get to know each other. This includes your non-sports life. Tell us why a parent is helping the food bank. Share stories about a family business in the community. Let us know about your child's piano recital. As a first year Club, we can only become united if we know with whom we are uniting.
As a first edition, I'd like to share a little bit about what I have learned of Russ Hyde. He is a parent who has shared his talent with us and many others. His sports photography talents have supported not only SULAX, but football, basketball and other sports. The close up, clear, and perfectly timed photos bring the game to us in a new way. His willingness to share his talents with SULAX is greatly appreciated. Next time you see a parent with a big bazooka sized camera lens pointing at players, tell Russ "thanks" from all of us.
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