**Championships Tonight**

*Championship Night*

Parents and Coaches,
Tonight is our Final rounds of playoffs. Please make sure you check with your coaches for game times and field number. You can also go to coronafnl.com and see the playoff bracket under the division tab.
Parents and Coaches be prepared to play multiple games tonight ff you keep winning.
**Congratulations to the following teams for winning their divisions this fall**
Pick up your trophies at the tent!

K/1 Frosh
First place Steelers
Second place Falcons

First place Cal
Second place Humboldt State

First place Texas
Second place Texas Tech

First place Raiders
Second place Jets

**Sponsor Plaques**
Coaches and or parents please pick up your sponsor plaque at the tent tonight.

*Spring Registration*
We are filling up fast, dont wait to register for spring.

**Sibling special this spring**
If you have 2 or more children playing this spring season we are now offering sibling discounts. Please send us an email prior to registering and we will send you a discount code.

Thank you all for making sure your trash is picked up after your games.

Silverlakes Rules
No Gum and No Seeds on the sidelines.
No Alcohol

Please respect our venue, it’s the best in ALL of Friday Night Lights.

Coaches and parents keep in mind we are here for the kids. Please make sure all your energy is encouraging to your players and even your opponents, there is no place for negativity towards any players coaches or referees. Please help our league set that standard.

Good luck to everyone. Be sure to make tonight a great Friday Night Lights experience for the whole family.

See you on the field.

Kirk Zacharda
Commissioner and President
Corona Friday Night Lights

“We put the family fun in Friday Nights”
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