Playa Del Rey, CA — How can you not be impressed by this incredibly small squad of player's giving massive contributions each and every game . I am truly shocked how they do not just hang in games but actually can take it to the opposition no matter if they are playing with only 9/10 or when we are really lucky, 11 Players !! To put so much energy into a game and knowing there is no rotation rest means they are giving solid 80 minutes of intense soccer and not once has a Player downed tools and just wanted to walk away after a goal against has been scored . The mental strength of these young athletes is off the charts and it all comes about through the amazing chemistry and bond they are sharing at the moment . The fact that week in week out the Lady Vikings are sometimes camped in the oppositions half for minutes at a time bodes really well for their actual league season .Great Performance Tonight ! Keep your Amazing Team Unity Going !!! Moving forward , One point I made tonight after the game and it will be repeated constantly , be aware about the amount of time you should give yourself to eat a meal before a game , a good guide is to try and eat two & half to three hours prior to kick off ,this will allow food to digest fully and give your body the correct nutrition and energy that is needed for such a demanding sport as soccer . We Go Again Tomorrow ! Coach Gary