Snack Bar Donations needed for Beach Bash

Hello Charger Parents,

Below is a list of donation items needed for our Tournament Snack Bar this weekend. This is a huge fundraiser for our program and a successful Snack Bar is critical. If every wrestler can bring 1-2 items from their list, we will be well prepared for the event.

Please visit the sign up genius and sign up for the items you can bring. We need them no later than 7pm on Thursday. If you have already donated items, please sign up for the items on the list and comment they are already delivered.


If it’s easier, you can drop items off at my house Brookhurst / Adams. Just call or text for my address.

Last Names A – F
Uncrustables (one box) (4)
Oatmeal Cups (one box) (4)
Water (one case) (5)
Assorted Chips (one box) (4)
Granola Bars (one box) (4)

Last Names G – L
Cup o Noodles (one box) (4)
Gatorade / Powerade (one box) (3)
Coke (one case) (1)
Diet Coke (one case) (1)
Apples (10) (2)
Large Coffee (1)
Large Creamer (1)
Sliced Cheese for Burgers (3)

Last Names M – Z
Bananas (1 Bunch) (4)
Candy Bars (one box) (3)
Mac n Cheese cups (4 pack) (4)
Hot Chocolate (one box) (4)
Bagels (one bag) (4)
1 oz Cream Cheese Spread (one bag) (1)
Danishes (one box) (2)
Condiment Pack(Ketchup, Mustard, Relish) (3)

Thanks again for everyone that has already volunteered and stepped up to captain a position! This event is really going to help the program!
Thank you,

Tom Johansen
(714) 824-9244
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