How to sign up and use Blast

Parents, and Yellowjacket Family

We are excited to be using Blast Athletics for our team communication, fundraising and to share videos, photos and more. Blast does a lot for our program, which is why every parent needs to watch this video to understand all the features:

Parents Must Watch:
About Blast Fundraising: https://www.blastathletics.com/videos/NLQGFIHSKZYUMMDZEYCGDEU32E
How to Use Blast: https://www.blastathletics.com/videos/EXW7HIXL4OHFRO7R6OPPCWQ2AE

Every parent also needs to:

Join our team page AS YOURSELF! Do not join as your child, they will create their own account. Here are the direct links:

Varsity: https://www.blastathletics.com/teams/19763/join
Jr. Varsity: https://www.blastathletics.com/teams/20383/join
Freshman: https://www.blastathletics.com/teams/21706/join
Download the App: Search for "Blast Athletics"
Verify your cell phone number, we will be sending text communications through Blast.
Post videos, photos and update the score at games/events.
We Need Volunteers to:

Enter the schedule & post final scores.
Post photos and Videos
Don't Worry:

Blast will not share the contact information you enter for the fundraiser with anyone, nor will they spam your list.
Family and Friends love donating to Blast because they get to follow along with our season, based on the content we post! You are not asking for money, you are inviting them to be part of our season.

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