End-of-season banquet

Good afternoon all late night wrestlers families friends and supporters.
Chris just got an email that school is close to the rest of the year. I have already come up with a plan and ordered shirts for a three-peat championship. I also have Awards to give out and I'm trying to find a way maybe we can do this through some type of social distancing. My thought is that if we have a nearby family that would be willing to let us use their front lawn to hang out the awards. It would be a grab-and-go type of event.

The other idea would be to have the banquet as beginning of the next school year. I know that our seniors will most likely not be able to attend but we can give them their Wards before they go off to college. Any ideas or suggestions out there from all of you?

I pray all of you ar are staying safe and healthy. Ladies everything on campus is closed down but that does not mean those of you who are striving for CIF or State title next year cannot be doing running on your own. I know we are a long way away from this but it's okay to try to stay fit and healthy and come to summer in shape.

The plan is to still have summer camp if they reopen the schools in June. Our summer camp would start on June 22nd and run through July 16th. I will send out further information at a later date. This information can be found on the school website as it is being finalized for the district. I miss you all and hope to see you all soon. Coach
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