PCO Kings
11U Football Fundraiser

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PCO Kings 11U Fundraiser

Desiring donations from sponsors to help fund league fees, uniform cost, equipment cost (helmets & shoulder pads), tournament fees, and travel cost.

About Us

The KINGS are a 11u youth football team that consists of young men developing into the positive leaders of tomorrow. We believe in diversity with the common foundation of Jesus Christ. Our vision is that through hard work, discipline, dedication, and belief in God all good things are possible.
$2,580 /5,000

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Top Sponsors

Chris Kennedy
Najih Xi Amaru Ali

From Our Sponsors

Peace God I wish you nothing but the best in any sport or activity you choose to do. Love you fam, from GodFather lol.
Najih Xi Amaru Ali, 7/17/2019

Tamara Taylor
Tamara Taylor, 7/16/2019

Good luck to you and your team this year! Hope I get to come watch you play sometime this season! Love you 😘
Grammy (Denise Fuchs Ray), 7/11/2019

Good Luck!!!
Lynda DeLaune, 7/11/2019

Hope you have a great season Munchkin! Love you tons!
Kimberly Peffer, 7/10/2019