Thank you to you ALL

Hello all you Sundevil Strong Coaches! We hope you and your families are staying especially safe and strong during this time. As the weeks of school closures continue to come and go, and we get closer to the end of the year and graduation, I can’t help but reflect on Nathan’s time at MC. It’s been bittersweet looking through his scrapbook for Lit. class with many pages devoted to wrestling pictures. Seeing him and so many of the same kids faces year after year and think about how they’ve grown together was heartwarming. If I think about it, a majority of Nathan’s high school years were not spent at home, but at school and/or with his wrestling family. That being said, I just wanted to reach out and express a HUGE thank you for the positive influence you have all had on our son’s life these last 4 years. Your dedication to the kids and the team is beyond measure.

As a mom of a wrestler, there is still a lot I don’t “get” about the “love” of wrestling (haha). I even remember one of you sending out a Mother’s Day poem last year that brought me to tears and spoke to my heart about this. BUT, looking back, I will always be thankful that Nathan chose to be part of the wrestling team at MC. For one thing, just knowing how much fun he had over the years fills this mom’s heart. :) The fun alone will be priceless memories to last a lifetime! BUT, I also want to say thank you for teaching Nathan much more than how to wrestle. I can’t imagine any other sport with the same kind of coaching you all do. Between challenges and successes, wins and losses, and the close relationships these kids form through their teamwork, he has learned lessons that will last a life-time. I truly believe your coaching and this program will continue to shape our kids and make an impact for years to come. And now that we have Nathan home more than ever expected, we are continually seeing how he has grown from the boy who joined the wrestling family as a freshman, into a responsible young man who we are getting the pleasure of spending extra time with. I think you’d be proud to know he’s been self-motivated to continue a daily fitness routine (I’m guessing the desire to keep moving is engrained after all these years). Plus, he has taken an interest in baking and teaching himself how to cook. He is personally making dinner for our family every night. Lucky us! I’m sure like many of the kids you have coached, he is handling the circumstances with a great attitude and striving to focus on what matters most...

It’s hard not knowing exactly how this school year will end... I really hope we will have a chance to come together in some way to celebrate ALL our wrestlers and our grads. But mostly, we hope you are ALL healthy and we wish you the best. Thank you again for ALL you have done!

In Sundevil Strong Spirit ~ The Farmer Family
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