Life Pacific University
Womens Volleyball Fundraiser

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Life Pacific Womens Volleyball Fundraiser

We are raising money for travel, uniforms, equipment and other expenses. Any help is much appreciated.

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This is our 5th year as a program. We are in our 2nd season in the GSAC conference in the NAIA. Last year our team qualified for the NCCAA National Tournament and finished 10th.
$7,295 /7,000

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cheryl Culpepper

From Our Sponsors

Keep it up babe you got this!
Anonymous, 10/04/2019

We Love You♥️♥️
Dennis & Natalie, 9/13/2019

Good luck with your season and have fun!
Rodney and Heather Plascencia, 9/12/2019

I wish you the best your senior year. So, proud of you....Kick Butt, put it all out there...No reserve!!! Auntie Gigi
Edvige M. Tisdom, 9/11/2019

I love you 👸
JAVIER PINEDO, 9/10/2019